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3 Ways To Carry Yourself During Quarantine and Come Out Stronger

3 Ways To Carry Yourself During Quarantine and Come Out Stronger


It’s been a month and a half now since the president declared lockdown in the metro and some parts of the country due to Covid-19. For some, it has been devastatingly challenging because of lack of income and essential privileges. Others feel helpless being stuck at home with nothing else to do but feel every inch of the creeping anxiety brought about by this pandemic. We are indeed in a very unique situation right now. Even experts can’t believe we are experiencing it in this lifetime, given all the technology and scientific resources we have in this world at the moment. Good news is, this might be a big turning point in your life. For you to realize a lot of things about yourself and how you would want to cope with the “new normal” after all this worldwide disruption. You can actually use this time to turn things around, and come out from this situation with a fresh outlook in life. For all we know this could be a game changer for all of us.

So we came up with 3 Live Love Lande ways to handle ECQ like a boss, spending this season in the most life changing and productive way possible.


LIVE | Learn a new skill

Learning is a continuous process as they say. So what’s keeping you from learning something new that’s completely out of your usual daily task or routine? We all know the answer. Time. Something that’s now being willingly handed over to us by this ECQ. Aquiring new skillset is the most beneficial thing you can do to yourself at this time, both mentally and emotionally. Not only will it promote intellectual stimulation, which your brain absolutely needs given our situation, but it’s also a good confidence booster knowing that you are able to add another competency to your list of life-long acquired abilities. Also, what good will it do when you pick up that recipe you’ve watched from youtube? Or when you start practicing how to contour your face? Or create a makeup look for your work from home meetings? It allows you to connect more with people. People of the same interests, or even people who can now learn from you. Remember, learning doesn’t stop with you as a learner, as you will then bear the responsibility to share and pass it on to others. Only then you can maximize it’s benefits.

Here are some of the links where you can learn new skills

– Online Makeup Tutorial thru Project Gorgeous
TESDA Online Program


LOVE | Self-care means loving yourself more

Admit it. There are certain aspects about yourself that you have been neglecting all these years. It could be your skin, your health, that book you bought last year you haven’t gotten around to, or even your sleep. You may have been busy with work and everything that’s going on that you tend to sacrifice some important things, how little they may seem, that you do for YOU. Now is your chance to rekindle that relationship you have with yourself. This could even be your time to figure out your future game plans and the strategies you want to take to achieve your goals. You can write them down if you want. What are the things you have been depriving yourself lately? May it be physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually, that this luxury of time that we now have allows you to do? Go catch up on your sleep, meditate, read your book, do home workouts, practice different make up looks based on your outfits, pray, pray hard, listen to podcasts. You’ll be surprised with the number of ways you can spoil yourself in the comfort of your own home without any judgment and pressure from the outside world. You’ll just have to listen to that inner voice you’ve been pretending not to hear for a long time.


LANDE | Make memories with your loved ones

7585934992_IMG_0200We know that this isn’t really the time to have fun. But if there’s anything that this crisis is strongly suggesting is that we need to cherish every moment we have with our dear family and friends, simply because tomorrow is not promised.

This gives you the chance to reconnect with them and make up for the lost time. You used to long for the weekend and holidays to spend time with them — now here’s your almost 2-month weekend slash holidays combined.

You can even do the first two mentioned ways: Self care and Learning a new skill, together with them. Or find ways to help out or donate to our frontliners to make it even more relevant and useful.Frontliners

Play with your kids, wash the car with your dad, cut your best friend’s hair, cook with your mom. Not everyone has been blessed these days with the privilege of fighting Covid-19 together as a family, completely healthy and safe.

Whatever it is you decide to spend your time on, always reflect and appreciate every single minute of it. Use it to show gratitude that you are in a situation where life is just letting you rewrite your story differently, while others’ are ending. Instead of viewing it as a tragedy, see it as learning opportunity to become a better version of yourself so you can move forward with the world and make it a better place to live in.

Words by Jerico Siervo



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