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Top 3 Reasons to Cheer Up on your Quarantine Birthday!

Is your birthday coming up?

Are you worried that the day will just go by like a regular day in quarantine? Do you feel like you’re wasting what could’ve been the best day of your 2020 because it’s not appropriate to celebrate while the world is worried sick about the future?


Well you’re dead wrong. In this day in age, celebrating your birthday in the midst of a pandemic could be a little extra. While it is true that splurging on this day will give you a little bit of guilt feeling which doesn’t make celebrating worth it, there could also be a lot of advantages.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should be happy you’re spending your natal day in quarantine:

1. Everybody, in one way or another, has luxury of time. — People may or may not be working from home and has some downtime within the day that they alot for social media. And just like how you most of the time are reminded of your friend’s birthdays, they most definitely wouldn’t miss your facebook birthday reminder. Hence you can have the most number of greetings this year! This whole pandemic situation has also been emotionally charged so people can’t help but be extra thoughtful so you may find yourself receiving cakes and other goodies’ delivered right in front of your doorsteps. Long lost friends and even exes may even slide into your direct messages so don’t be surprised.


2. Use of Technology — As much as we would like to throw a birthday bash with lots of guests, we are compelled to keep this occasion on a down low. But good thing about this worldwide disruption happening in 2020 is that we have the sophistication of technology. Zoom meetings are being used nowadays in professional settings but who says you can’t turn it into a bar and share a drink or two with your friends while in it or you can try the new Facebook Rooms.

It’s the closest thing to catching up in real life that you wouldn’t really feel the distance after hours of chatting and screen sharing. Another advantage of an online get together is that you get to spend your day with your family and friends who won’t be able to attend to begin with should you have an actual party due to location, other obligations or a bunch of other excuses they may tell you the next day when they apologize. And most importantly, no pile of dishes to wash!


Outreach Program with Tawi Kids in 2017

3. Last but not the least, you can save a lot of money. — If there’s anything this unprecedented event has taught us, it’s to be more practical in every single way. So if you’re a kind of person who usually throws lavish parties, or has a tradition of buying yourself a well-deserved fancy jewelry on your birthday, then this is the time to save your money for more important things. It may even be the time to give back to the community by donating to certain causes important to you, or spend the day giving away packed lunches to frontliners or less fortunate ones. For all you know, that selfless feeling of doing something for other people on the only day that you feel is supposed to be about you may be the best birthday gift you can give yourself.



3 Ways To Carry Yourself During Quarantine and Come Out Stronger

3 Ways To Carry Yourself During Quarantine and Come Out Stronger


It’s been a month and a half now since the president declared lockdown in the metro and some parts of the country due to Covid-19. For some, it has been devastatingly challenging because of lack of income and essential privileges. Others feel helpless being stuck at home with nothing else to do but feel every inch of the creeping anxiety brought about by this pandemic. We are indeed in a very unique situation right now. Even experts can’t believe we are experiencing it in this lifetime, given all the technology and scientific resources we have in this world at the moment. Good news is, this might be a big turning point in your life. For you to realize a lot of things about yourself and how you would want to cope with the “new normal” after all this worldwide disruption. You can actually use this time to turn things around, and come out from this situation with a fresh outlook in life. For all we know this could be a game changer for all of us.

So we came up with 3 Live Love Lande ways to handle ECQ like a boss, spending this season in the most life changing and productive way possible.


LIVE | Learn a new skill

Learning is a continuous process as they say. So what’s keeping you from learning something new that’s completely out of your usual daily task or routine? We all know the answer. Time. Something that’s now being willingly handed over to us by this ECQ. Aquiring new skillset is the most beneficial thing you can do to yourself at this time, both mentally and emotionally. Not only will it promote intellectual stimulation, which your brain absolutely needs given our situation, but it’s also a good confidence booster knowing that you are able to add another competency to your list of life-long acquired abilities. Also, what good will it do when you pick up that recipe you’ve watched from youtube? Or when you start practicing how to contour your face? Or create a makeup look for your work from home meetings? It allows you to connect more with people. People of the same interests, or even people who can now learn from you. Remember, learning doesn’t stop with you as a learner, as you will then bear the responsibility to share and pass it on to others. Only then you can maximize it’s benefits.

Here are some of the links where you can learn new skills

– Online Makeup Tutorial thru Project Gorgeous
TESDA Online Program


LOVE | Self-care means loving yourself more

Admit it. There are certain aspects about yourself that you have been neglecting all these years. It could be your skin, your health, that book you bought last year you haven’t gotten around to, or even your sleep. You may have been busy with work and everything that’s going on that you tend to sacrifice some important things, how little they may seem, that you do for YOU. Now is your chance to rekindle that relationship you have with yourself. This could even be your time to figure out your future game plans and the strategies you want to take to achieve your goals. You can write them down if you want. What are the things you have been depriving yourself lately? May it be physically, mentally, emotionally or even spiritually, that this luxury of time that we now have allows you to do? Go catch up on your sleep, meditate, read your book, do home workouts, practice different make up looks based on your outfits, pray, pray hard, listen to podcasts. You’ll be surprised with the number of ways you can spoil yourself in the comfort of your own home without any judgment and pressure from the outside world. You’ll just have to listen to that inner voice you’ve been pretending not to hear for a long time.


LANDE | Make memories with your loved ones

7585934992_IMG_0200We know that this isn’t really the time to have fun. But if there’s anything that this crisis is strongly suggesting is that we need to cherish every moment we have with our dear family and friends, simply because tomorrow is not promised.

This gives you the chance to reconnect with them and make up for the lost time. You used to long for the weekend and holidays to spend time with them — now here’s your almost 2-month weekend slash holidays combined.

You can even do the first two mentioned ways: Self care and Learning a new skill, together with them. Or find ways to help out or donate to our frontliners to make it even more relevant and useful.Frontliners

Play with your kids, wash the car with your dad, cut your best friend’s hair, cook with your mom. Not everyone has been blessed these days with the privilege of fighting Covid-19 together as a family, completely healthy and safe.

Whatever it is you decide to spend your time on, always reflect and appreciate every single minute of it. Use it to show gratitude that you are in a situation where life is just letting you rewrite your story differently, while others’ are ending. Instead of viewing it as a tragedy, see it as learning opportunity to become a better version of yourself so you can move forward with the world and make it a better place to live in.

Words by Jerico Siervo






Who says sporty can’t be fashionable? It’s not just about how much you sweat.. or how much calories you burn.. But it’s how you keep yourself in tune with your mind and body through SPORTS and FITNESS that’s never gonna go out of style.


Here to slaaaay the sporty look are the VALEENCHAGA ( Valeen Montenegro, Chariz Solomon and Lovely Abella known as Pang-ga) of Bubble Gang, whose rockin’ bodies and radiant skin are products of both.





The Trio, who you usually see poking fun at each other on tv, has over the years been working hard to achieve their body aspirations and glowing “kutis artista” Best displayed in peach hues combined with some core strength.

IMG_9857 IMG_9854


As celebrities, they know how to glam up and steal a scene but also tone it down if the situation calls for it


But no matter what look they’re sporting, it would always go back to being natural and fresh looking. Dewy and sexy for the win!



Despite the lockdown, Valeenchaga continues to inspire us with their fitness journey through Instagram live  and Facebook live sharing their work out, healthy meals and recipes and even home gardening too!


Valeen Montenegro did her 30-Day IG LIVE Workout on her instagram, available on her igtv  @valeentawak

Chariz Solomon has her gardening tips thru #CHArdenera and healthy meals inspiration @chariz_solomon

Lovely Abella is doing her facebook live with her HIIT Work Out, both available in her facebook page Lovely’s Fitness Squad and igtv @lovelyabella_


Makeup by Toni Aviles and Grace Trias of Gorgeousa Makeup Studio 

Hairstyling by Siony Alcantara, Manilyn Moster, Carla Mariscostes of Gorgeousa Makeup Studio

Styling by John Paul Dizon

Photographed by Xander Angeles of Edge Light Studios, assisted by Kevin Cayuca

Words by Jerico Siervo


No Makeup!

The “No Makeup” makeup look

Ever heard of the “No Makeup” makeup look? It is all about keeping your make-up routines in a slack while keeping you looking fresh. This type of makeup is your time saver and your money saver as well to keep you up with the summer. Creams and full force makeup is not a thing during summer here in the Philippines, pa-sweet lang dapat. This look makes the skin feel heavier and with all those heat, may even cause you those break-outs and clogged pores.

So what makes this look “no make-up”? The use of make-up essentials here is still put to use but only minimized. It delivers a fresh looking, bare-faced like illusion sans all the heavy creams, foundations, eye shadows. This is a time saver because it saves you hours at the mirror to give you that “natural you” look and money saver because you only need a handful of make-up stuff. Saves you frequent trips to your beauty store.


First , apply the sunscreen or primer/moisturiser with sunscreen.  I personally love the Ponds Age Miracle Day Moisturiser Cell Regen Day Cream with SPF 15 PA++

Second is choose a skin-tone shade of powder foundation or press powder (powders are available with SPF out there) and use a large brush to apply this on the face. My personal fave is The Body Shop All in One Face Base in 05 and 06.

Then, let’s go to your eyebrows. Shade it with taupe or brown brow gel or pencil, but do it minimally, try feathery strokes to keep it natural. For the browgel and brow pencils, Maybelline and L’oreal has beautiful products to help you!

Next, onto your eyes. Mascara will do all the work to give you those big eyes you always wanted. Any mascara close to your heart will do!

You may put on eye liner (Sleek Makeup Eye Liner or Nars Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via Veneto)  but do it lightly, create a dot dot dot. Blush-on may or may be applied like lip and cheek tint is the best as it doesn’t wear off all day!

And finally, the lip balm, lipstick or lip gloss. Choose light colored lipstick shades, the colours closer to a natural lip color.

There you go, folks. To wrap up, what you only need for this makeup look are: primer or sunscreen, press powder, eyebrow pencil or gel, liner, mascara, cheek tint , lippies.

Live Love Lande :)


Toni Aviles



Live Love Lande!

Since i was a kid, i always dream of what i am today! I never thought that dream would ever ever come true! Akala ko hanggang pangarap lang sia nung bata ako. Pero pag pala may gusto kang mangyari, darating ang tamang panahon at magiging katotohanan sia! 

Website Teaser

Dati yung barbie doll lang ang minamakeupan ko, ngaun sarili ko na and it became a career na! Di ko namalayan na sa mga kalandian at kaartehan ko mauuwe sia sa isang napakagandang career!

Ako po si An…tonieto (thats how it is pronounced), or mas kilala niyo as Toni na isang hamak na balingkinitan na ang pangarap ay mapaganda ang lahat ng nasa paligid ko! Haha Simple lang naman ang hangad ko sa buhay ang ma-enjoy ang 50-60 years ng buhay ko, makatulong sa kapwa sa abot ng makakaya ko, ang mapasaya ang mga taong mahal ko, ang mapaganda ang mga gustong umeksena at ichallenge ang sarili ko sa mga bagay bagay at ang masakatuparan ko ang lahat ng pangarap ko para sa mudrabelles ko at para sa sarili ko.

Ito na ang tamang pagkakataon to share sa inyo ang mga kaeksenahan ko sa buhay Diosaness na to haha! umpisahan na natin!


Bakit nga ba livelovelande? Ewan ko pag gising ko isang umaga habang nakatingin ako sa sarili ko, i keep on saying positive things on myself biglang nasambit ko ang orasyon na live love lande! ayun na i felt so positive and i felt so good! lakas makagoodvibes! kaya naging mantra ko na sia since then! haha sinasambit ko sia pag gising at ayun inspired na ako to make my day beautiful! kaya more more aura everyday!  sige sabihin mo “livelovelande” anong feeling? i wanna know!hahaha

 Given that, let me define livelovelande for you! though alam ko naman alam nio na yan!

LIVE – ang hirap maging tulad naming mga diosa! araw araw ay pagsubok! malalaman nio sa sa mga darating kong eskenas kaya Im always grateful for this gift of life but then its on our hands ang paghandle nito! so LIVE the life you choose to live! eksena mo yan!

Toni Tips

LOVE – isa ito sa pinakamahirap maachieve! ano nga ba ang LOVE? maraming klase ng pagmamahal, love for oneself, love for family, love for friends, love for kung sino man yan at siyempre love kay God! sa usaping LOVE di lahat pinapalad makahanap ng tunay, madalas imagination lang hehe yung iba nabulagan at yung iba pinaniwala na lang ang sarili na mahal sia! haha may hugot! charought! basta long story madame tayong time to talk about it! i would love to see your stories here!


LANDE – sa tatlong to, ito pinakamadali for me! it comes naturally! Its innate kahit di na magsalita yun na yun! everyone of us has this lande factor kelangan mo lang gisingin yang kalandian mo para more more aura and at the same time you envibe positivity! basta gamitin ang kalandian sa tama! Lumande ng naayon sa lugar at sa sitwasyon! Let me take note ang ibig sabihin ng LANDE dito ay positibong pagharot at paglande! alam nio na yan malaki na kayo!


Samahan nio ako in this journey of livelovelande diaryblog! di naman talaga ako magaling magsulat but i’ll try to post anything and everything bout my eksenas! basta pag may wrong grammar kayo na bahalang umintindi, icocorrect nio na lang! hahah and i hope may mapulot kayong aral, inspiration, pagpapaganda, kaartihan, kalandian at kung ano ano pa! You may use that hashtag #livelovelande whenever you feel like! go lang!

See you around lalaloves!

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