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Top 3 Reasons to Cheer Up on your Quarantine Birthday!

Is your birthday coming up?

Are you worried that the day will just go by like a regular day in quarantine? Do you feel like you’re wasting what could’ve been the best day of your 2020 because it’s not appropriate to celebrate while the world is worried sick about the future?


Well you’re dead wrong. In this day in age, celebrating your birthday in the midst of a pandemic could be a little extra. While it is true that splurging on this day will give you a little bit of guilt feeling which doesn’t make celebrating worth it, there could also be a lot of advantages.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should be happy you’re spending your natal day in quarantine:

1. Everybody, in one way or another, has luxury of time. — People may or may not be working from home and has some downtime within the day that they alot for social media. And just like how you most of the time are reminded of your friend’s birthdays, they most definitely wouldn’t miss your facebook birthday reminder. Hence you can have the most number of greetings this year! This whole pandemic situation has also been emotionally charged so people can’t help but be extra thoughtful so you may find yourself receiving cakes and other goodies’ delivered right in front of your doorsteps. Long lost friends and even exes may even slide into your direct messages so don’t be surprised.


2. Use of Technology — As much as we would like to throw a birthday bash with lots of guests, we are compelled to keep this occasion on a down low. But good thing about this worldwide disruption happening in 2020 is that we have the sophistication of technology. Zoom meetings are being used nowadays in professional settings but who says you can’t turn it into a bar and share a drink or two with your friends while in it or you can try the new Facebook Rooms.

It’s the closest thing to catching up in real life that you wouldn’t really feel the distance after hours of chatting and screen sharing. Another advantage of an online get together is that you get to spend your day with your family and friends who won’t be able to attend to begin with should you have an actual party due to location, other obligations or a bunch of other excuses they may tell you the next day when they apologize. And most importantly, no pile of dishes to wash!


Outreach Program with Tawi Kids in 2017

3. Last but not the least, you can save a lot of money. — If there’s anything this unprecedented event has taught us, it’s to be more practical in every single way. So if you’re a kind of person who usually throws lavish parties, or has a tradition of buying yourself a well-deserved fancy jewelry on your birthday, then this is the time to save your money for more important things. It may even be the time to give back to the community by donating to certain causes important to you, or spend the day giving away packed lunches to frontliners or less fortunate ones. For all you know, that selfless feeling of doing something for other people on the only day that you feel is supposed to be about you may be the best birthday gift you can give yourself.



Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, may isang echoserang vavaihan ang nangarap na minsan ma-experience ang pagiging prinsesa!


Dahil sa isa siang fairygodmother ng mga echoserang brides at debutant na umaasang may magic talaga, eto na pagkakakataon na ng fairygodmother Toni na maexperience mismo ang ginagawa nia sa mga brides at debutant nia!


Sa isang gabi ng pagtitipon ng mga prinsesa at prinsepe, kings and queens, bida at kontrabida, sila ang mga nilalang sa likod ng mga naggagandahang mga paevents, pakasal at pabirthday at kung ano ano pang pasavogue ng mga yayamanin! Sa gabing ito, ininvite lahat ng klase ng tao basta wedding supplier na kabogera invited (charought lang haha!) Lahat ng gustong umarte at magpaandar, invited! (English naman nauubusan na ako ng Tagalog! haha)

 So dahil sa echoserra ako, minabuti ko na rin na umattend na baka dahil sa event na ito ay may makilala akong mga gwapong lalake hahah #landelande lang di ba! (Meron pa lang ibang intention! Tse! ang lande!)

As the time, minute and millisecond comes close, the more i get excited kasi maeexperience ko na talaga ang matagal ko ng pangarap ang maging…. Cinderella! Bata pa lang ako pangarap ko na yan! hahah kahit alam kong mahirap mangyari! pinaniwalaan ko ang sabe ng nanay ni Cinderella! “Believe in everything and everything!” so pinaniwalaan ko ang sarili ko na one day mangyayari din sakin ang fairytale story na yan! (Umasa talaga ako! hhaha) I never stop believing in my potentials as a person though sometimes rough days come, i never stop, i keep on going and going, push lang ng push para sa ekonomiya! este para sa pangarap!

Here comes the magical moment, the Cinderella moment when my fairygodmother Jazel Sy transform my dress into a magical and stunningly beautiful sparkling gown!



Im speechless when i saw myself in this super gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite, so diosa and virginal lahat na pinagsama sama but words are really not enough to describe how gorgeousa this dress is! one thing that best fits this gown its CINDERELLA!

Yes! i am transformed into a magical princess!


my hair is so beautiful, salamat sa aking fairygodmother na si Siony Alcantara!

(Oh kung maka-emote wagas, feel na feel!)


My makeup is so fresh and natural parang kakagising ko lang (sinungaling! hahaha)  Thanks to Toni Aviles and Grace Trias for the full force ng pagaairbrush ma-achieve lang ang nomakeup look! haha

My earrings is so dazzling, salamat sa isa ko pang fairygodmother na si Christopher Munar!

Grabe na ngaun ang Cinderella, di na kaya ang isang FairyGodMother lang! kelangan more more mahigitan lang ang tunay na Cinderella ganun kataas yung bar na sinet mo noh! kaya sa gabing ito, im so thankful with all the FairyGodMothers who truly love me and supported my kaartehan at kalandian! (Emote muna ng saglit..)


At siyempre, di kompleto ang moment kung walang magcacapture! so kahit naa malayo ang isa pang Fairygodmother na si Nicolai Melicor, mega flysung ang mga alagad na si Lawrence and Ivy to capture every kaartehan and kaharutan ni Tinderella! hahah

This night is a Modern Day Fairytale organized by Philippine Association of Wedding Planners, this is the 3rd time that i will be attending such a big event for wedding suppliers in the Philippines but this is the #4thPhilWeddingIndustryBall! at siyempre pagkakataon ko na nga makilala ang Prince Charming ko haha (umaasa talaga!)


To be continue…

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